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Midwest Meat® Sock

Midwest Meat® Sock

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Midwest Meat® Cozy Cabin Sock... perfect for those fellas who can never seem to find the right black or navy or brown sock to match the shoe for the occasion. These are the socks that every man in your life will want to lift up the pant leg a bit to show his buddies and say..."hey you got to see these!" But better yet, wait until they see the sole! know what they say about big feet....Midwest Meat®. 


Typically fits shoe size(8-12)/Crew length

*All sales FINAL on socks*

Color: Maroon/Black/White striped sock. 

Fabric Content: 75% Cotton, 21% Nylon, 4% Lycra

Custom made in the USA for Midwest Meat®!...North Carolina to be exact!