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Midwesty Tall Can Cooler

Midwesty Tall Can Cooler

Midwesty Tall Can Cooler

$ 5.00


Midwesty Can Cooler...That's so Midwesty! If we had a nickel for every time we said those three words...well, we wouldn’t be trying to sell you this sweatshirt! Midwesty is the cabin you spent a week at as a kid. The one with the buck hanging on the wall & the scratchy plaid sofa! Midwesty is the tavern that hasn't change one bit. Same jukebox, same bartender, & same Old Fashioned recipe! But most importantly, Midwesty is you. Down to earth, lover of family tradition, girl next door who always remembers her roots.

You are so MIDWESTY!

Drink local and responsibly.

Color: Navy