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About The Midwest Girl

The Midwest Girl is a local tee shirt brand developed by two Wisconsin sisters. Born 12 years apart, they had a vision for creating a Midwest brand that represented who they were, where they came from, and would keep them connected no matter where the trail would take them.  

The Midwest Girl shirts, designed and printed in both Wisconsin & Iowa, bridge the gap of all ages. Whether you are 18 or 80 you are always proud to say you are from the Midwest!  If you love the change of seasons, you consider yourself the girl next door, and you're authentic and down to are a Midwest Girl.  

Enough chit chat... head on over to your home state and find the shirt that is your “go to” and shows your Midwest Girl personality, the one you never want to toss in the hamper, the shirt that is adorable with your favorite baseball cap, the one you pull out for day at the lake, and of course...the shirt you feel pretty in with your favorite jeans.


Vintage Polaroids of Midwest Girls Everywhere