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Dirt Road Candles

Dirt Road Candles

$ 24.00


We are so proud to have a beautiful assortment of Dirt Road Candles at The Midwest Girl!

8 oz

Dirt Road Candle Co. candles are hand poured in small batches in Atlantic, Iowa.

Scent descriptions below...taken directly from Dirtroad Candle's website.


Rowdy Rain- Named after our DRCC mascot, Michelle’s pup Rowdy! This scent will remind you of the first rain that brings things back to life after a long winter. Notes of cucumber, melon, lime, ozone, bamboo and aloe come together to smell just like you’re opening up to screen door to listen to that glorious rain!  

Just a Pinch-I love to bake, and nothing screams spring more than the combination of lemon and blueberries! Just A Pinch will have you coming back for more after the first whiff! With top notes of blueberries, middle notes of tart and sweet lemon, and base notes of creamy vanilla and nutty butter you’ll just have to trust me when I tell you you’re going to want this in your cart. It’s my new favorite spring fragrance and I can’t get enough!

Backyard Lilacs-Previously known as I Lilac You A Lot, captures the beautiful scent of lilacs in full bloom?! Notes of green leaves, lily of the valley, and honeysuckle blossoms enhance the delicate beauty of a bouquet of lilac blooms! This fragrance is rounded out with base notes of clean powder and woody amyris to make it smell like the real thing!

New Beginnings-Spring is one of my favorite seasons because of all the new life that happens on the farm. We have new baby calves hitting the ground running, and rolling hills of SW Iowa turn from brown to a luscious green landscape! This fragrance is an ode to the new beginnings that spring promises and the beauty that it brings! Top notes of apple, peach and pear combine with middle notes of jasmine and lily and they’re rounded out with a base of musk and woods. This combination is incredible!

Spring Cleaning-This invigorating fragrance will make you want to clean every room in your house this spring! Top notes of citrus and sweet basil give way to a sweet clementine, rounded out with mint leaves, eucalyptus, and chamomile combine with agave nectar in the base. This bright citrus spring fragrance is Michelle’s new favorite!

Iowa Timber-Deer hunters, unite! This candle is for you! This will remind you of the day in the wooded tree stands waiting for that big buck! With top notes of eucalyptus and mint, middle accords of cypress and pine and a base of tonka beans and smoke, this candle is a sophisticated twist for hunting men in Iowa’s timbers!

Homebody- This pleasantly mellow scent is perfect for that day where you want to lounge around in your sweatpants and hoodie, cuddle up in a blanket and be a homebody! This woody scent begins with top notes of ameretto and powder as it gives way to a heart of tonka and balsam. Notes of rum, musk and sweet, resinous oud make up the base of this awesome fragrance that will make you want to stay in all day!

Delight-Because we all need a reminder to take joy in the simple things of life! There is no better treat to delight your senses than with the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls and this fragrance delivers just that! Delight starts with top notes of warm, sweet and yeasty bread baked combined with brown sugar, butter, spicy cinnamon and nutmeg. YUM! Smells like you just pulled them out of the oven!

Recharge-Sometimes we just need a reminder to slow down, be alone, and take a minute to recharge! This treat of freshly brewed hazelnut coffee will help remind you to do just that! With aromas of toasted hazelnut, fresh coffee beans, and a touch of maple and cream you’ll think you just brewed the real thing!