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Dirt Road Candles

Dirt Road Candles

$ 26.00


We are so proud to have a beautiful assortment of Dirt Road Candles at The Midwest Girl!

8 oz

Dirt Road Candle Co. candles are hand poured in small batches in Atlantic, Iowa.

Scent descriptions below...taken directly from Dirtroad Candle's website.

XOXO- So many hugs and kisses for this crowd favorite fragrance! XOXO is a sweet citrus blend that any Anthro dupe lover will adore! Zesty orange and lemon peel top notes open to a heart of bright and juicy citrus. This captivating fragrance is rounded out with a sweetness from grapefruit, mandarin and tangerine with a hint of lime and peach.

Love Notes- The perfect way to tell someone you love them…pass a love note! This dark and seductive fragrance blends gentle notes of bergamot and geranium that fades into a bouquet of rose and violet with a woodsy, rich base of saffron. It is rounded out with a  hint of leather and vetiver.

Hearts- All the love for our favorite Valentine’s Day dessert, strawberry cheesecake! Top notes of green leaves and lemon add a subtle freshness to the generous helping of strawberries atop creamy notes at the heart of this decadent fragrance. A base of sweet sugar and light musk round out this mouthwatering delight. It just might have you looking for the real thing!

Good Old Days-   Good Old Days is a dark aquatic aromatic experience. Notes of lavender, amber, dark musk and vetiver are reminiscent of high-end cologne and will definitely take you back to, “the good old days.” *This candle is 12 oz. compared to our typical 8 oz. option* 

Made from Scratch- This classic spring dessert fragrance is a buttery spice blend with hints of carrot, cinnamon and warm vanilla. And don’t forget the cream cheese frosting, too!

New Beginnings- New Beginnings has top notes of apple, peach and pear combined with middle notes of jasmine and lily and they’re rounded out with a base of musk and woods.

Iowa Timber- Just like the timbers of Iowa, this sophisticated fragrance has vivid notes of eucalyptus, cypress, and tonka bean creating a unique crispness. This fragrance was loved so much we decided to make it year round!

Sweet Tooth- Macarons in a bottle! It starts with a heart of nutty almond and is intensified with creamy amaretto. Notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and lemon zest brighten this delectable treat. It is rounded out with vanilla and sugar.