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Who is The Midwest Girl®?

Posted by Marah Odgers on

It's funny that you ask that. Well, maybe you didn't ask that, but we will tell you anyway. The Midwest Girl® is so much more than those 3 little words, but you know what? It's so dang hard to articulate exactly what it is and who we are most days. Do we explain the full history? Do we just say what we are currently up to? Do we talk about our sisterhood story and how we got here? Or do we just keep it simple and say, we sell tee shirts?

Do you ever feel like your story is confusing, too? Like that moment when someone asks you what you do, do you ever just think hmmm how do I answer? Well, that's exactly how we feel a lot of days. Will they get it? Will they think we are crazy? Will they just say, "oh that's neat", or better yet, "I wish ya luck!" Now that response opens a whole new can of beans!

I can remember when we first opened our store and how I felt I had to tell every single person that walked through our door the story. I felt like I wasn't doing my "job" if I didn't. Silly, right? But I felt like we had to prove ourselves and explain to random strangers why we felt we could be doing what we are doing. Fast forward 2.5 years and I'm starting to figure out there are folks who want to learn about you, who want to care about you, and who want to support you and of course there is the latter. 

2018 will consist way more of serving the Midwest girls who resonate with our brand and way less of trying to prove we belong. Because you know what? We do and so do you! So cheers to 2018, a new blog, and another place we can connect and share our collective stories from the Heartland!

Marge(Marah) & Rooster(Marissa)